What is Slow Fashion?

It can mean many things, but the tenets of it include:

  • Buying vintage, mending & modifying clothes to extend their life. Being conscious of waste in our wardrobes.

  • Buying quality items that last. A focus on craftsmanship and styles that withstand passing trends.

  • Made sustainably with a focus on fair wages & responsible environmental ethics.

  • Shopping consciously. Supporting small businesses, transparent supply chains, and the local economy.

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Who is Coco + Mischa?

COCO + MISCHA is a retail store in Atlanta that is passionate about slow fashion.

Last year, they found there were many local customers eager to connect with likeminded shoppers, and there were many more who were unfamiliar with the movement. They wanted to draw people into the conversations they were having at the shop each day.


Last Year

In 2018, they hosted & moderated a discussion on ethical fashion with special guest Elizabeth Cline, author of Overdressed. Also on the panel were Megan Huntz, Lauren Remesi, Tara Pesta, and Sanni Baumgärtner

The result was a sold-out room and a conversation that lasted almost 3 hours! People were hungry for more, and they felt like there was so much more to be said.


What To Expect This Year

For 2019, COCO + MISCHA decided to dream bigger and plan more for the Slow Fashion Symposium…

They want to address some of the conversations and questions that needed more time, but they also want to move beyond talk into advocacy, practical styling, and of course, shopping. So with the help of property managers, Jamestown, they’ve grown the 2019 into a multi-day interactive conference.